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Author: Howard Richards

Yale, Oxford, Harvard, University of California at Santa Barbara, University of Toronto, Stanford Law School (USA)

Three doctorates: Education, Philosophy and Law

First volunteer attorney for the late Cesar Chavez in Delano, California 1960s

Languages: English, Spanish, French, German

- Founder:
Global Peace Studies Program (Earlham College, USA)
The Transformative Learning Centre (Toronto, CA)
The Soul Community - active model community of cultural economics based on solidarity and cooperation in the new model of economic sustainability (USA)

- Co-chair: Global Political Economy Commission of the International Peace Research Association (UNESCO affiliate)

- Works with:
International Association of Educating Cities (to create communities of economic solidarity, the heart of the new economic paradigm, mainly in Rosario, Argentina)

- Co-founder: Unbounded Organization Academy

- Research Professor of Peace and Global Studies, Earlham College (USA)

- Teach-ins, worldwide: historical and theoretical background, issues and solutions to the global economy

Current writing:
Letters from Quebec
Understanding the Global Economy
Dilemmas of Social Democracies
The Evaluation of Cultural Action
Gandhi and the Future of Economics
Re-thinking the Economy
Unbounded Organization

Travels via mass transit, bicycle, carpool and walking in exclusion of a personal automobile since 1990—the first U.S. war in Iraq; chooses to eat from low on the food chain (vegan); resides (before, during and shortly after the Chilean Military coup d'e´tat of the democratic socialism in 1973; again since 2003) in Chile, with activist partner, Carolina Richards.

"Understanding the world through participation in and engagement with it helps us see how to improve our world."

The Climate Crisis (and Other Crises) Require the Transformation of the Basic Cultural Structure of the Modern World (Part 2)

It is in the news that millions of people around the world –inspired by a Swedish teenager so honest that looking at a picture of her will cure a headache—have taken to the streets demanding that something must be done. I will use this paper to offer an answer to the question what must be done: The basic cultural structures of the modern world must be transformed.

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