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Working for the general good of humanity and nature

Join the CAUSE of the UA to contribute to social transformation, more integrated society - dignified livelihoods, social justice, educational emancipation, meaningful learning. 

Welcome to the Unbounded Academy!

The Unbounded Academy is a global network of people contributing to social and economic transformation and education for the future, through practices of unbounded organization. 

Our goals are to bring about paradigm shifts in the ways in which pressing social and economic problems are solved, and moral excellence and dignified livelihoods for all are attained.

The Academy draws on concepts and theories of unbounded organization which have been developed through programmes of intervention in communities in South Africa, Botswana, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Honduras, the United States and other countries. Involvement of UA members in India include Nehru Lectures at Baroda University in 1995 and visits to a number of on the ground projects in Gujarat state.

We pursue methodologies which are pro-social, emancipatory and inclusive and work across social structures for the common good of humanity and nature. We value morally oriented methods of transformation and dialogues for social change.

We are an international collective of people involved in the implementation and study of practical projects aimed at social change and dignified livelihoods. We take pride in the study of theory for the sake of stopping doing what does not work, and start doing what works to the benefit of all. 

Unlike many practical on the ground movements, the UA has a firm foundation in theory, and a strong interest in exchanges with others interested in advancing social theory. We draw on for example peace theory of the school of Johan Galtung and Betty Reardon.

We invite exchanges with social theorists and specifically critiques of the forthcoming book Economic Theory and Community Development by Richards and Anderssen.

We value principles of a pro-social attitude, structural understanding and finding practical solutions which work. UA members share the vision of change for the common good of humanity and nature.

Articles from Unbounded Academy

The UA draws on a rich history of unbounded organization community programmes which have been well researched and reported in academic articles and practical guidebooks.

The UA is an Academy which offers  

Our mission is also to facilitate inquiries into, conversations about, and practices aimed at changing continued inequalities, poverty, prejudice and racism, gender-based violence and all challenges preventing dignified livelihoods.

  • Our goals include utilizing growth points for projects in community development which follow principles and practices of unbounded organization.
  • Our goal is also to contribute to the international network and coalitions of interventions aimed at social, economic and political transformation.

The UA is about transforming social structures and systems, breaking cycles of bounded thinking. What we do is to illuminate current events from unbounded organization perspectives, by focusing on persistent, bottle neck problems of human and organizational development.

  • space for engagement on social and economic problems, disseminate literature on UO
  • advancing theoretical perspectives on UO
  • offer products and services of consulting, including the steps/phases of facilitating changes in organization and institutions
  • publish in various languages

The  Unbounded Academy is a practice oriented network interested in theory by showing that theory matters for practice. We are a coherent educational initiative with a distinctive critical and transformative pedagogy. We practice unbounded organisation by learning from each other´s experience and from each other´s feedback and reflection.

We share values of human dignity, moral leadership and sustainable and dignified livelihoods with institutions, organizations and individuals including the Dignity and Humiliation study group and University.

Mahatma Gandhi

Members have been actively studying the life and work of Gandhi, and what has been said of him that he never advocated an idea he did not practice.


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