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Donations to the Unbounded Academy

Donations can be made by using the following details:

GJ van der Westhuizen T/A Unbounded Academy

Donate – Please Choose Your Option to Support the UA

Thank you for donating to the Unbounded Academy!

Listed below are the different channels we provide for donations below. No matter which one you choose, please consider a recurring (monthly or yearly) donation to give us more stability and to ensure the existence of the UA in the future.

1) Bank Transfer

Please consider setting up a recurring transfer.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62854589903 ACCOUNT NAME: Unbounded Academy BANK: FNB Business Debit
First national Bank of South Africa

2) PayPal or Credit Card

Click on the button below to make a payment. You can then enter an amount and whether you would like to make this a monthly donation.

Please note: if your credit card is linked to a PayPal account, then you have to use that account.