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Magnus Haavelsrud

Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus Magnus Haavelsrud worked at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the University of Tromsø. His work deals with the reproductive role of education and the possibilities for transcendence of this reproduction.


– Executive Secretary: Peace Education Commission/International Peace Research Association
– Carl-von-Ossietzky Guest Professor of the German Council for Peace and Conflict Research

– Distinguished Fellow:
South African Research Chair in Development Education
Assistant: Institute for World Order, New York.

Co-Founder: (with Betty Reardon) Global Campaign on Peace Education,
Board member: Global Institute of Applied Governance in Science and Innovation,
Member: Global Advisory Group of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies
Editorial board: Journal of Peace Education

Patron of & Affiliated with:
International Center of Nonviolence in Australia, and Nomura Center for Lifelong Integrated Education in Japan. Transcend International and culture of peace initiatives in Latin America.


  • English
  • Norwegian
  • German

Current Writing

Magnus’ writings are listed in the Current Research Information System in Norway

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Conferencia "Criticism of the reproductive role of education" - Magnus Haavelsrud

Criticism of the reproductive role of education / Crítica al papel reproductivo de la educación”

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Magnus Haavelsrud commented on the video on growth points that we created on 23rd April 2012 as follows (1st May 2012): “Thank you Howard and Evelin for this — make more! How about corporate responsibility as a topic and the new and reformed capitalism you are mentioning. Good business in other words and implications for Departements of Economy and research in economy and their great need for transdisciplinarity –